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Wills and estate planning involves advance decisions that simplify the lives of your loved ones after your death. It outlines the asset management and property distribution among your family members. At Schnell Hardy Jones LLP, we help you at every stage of wills and estate planning. For over 55 years, we have been providing efficient legal services to our clients. Our wills and estate lawyers in Red Deer can draft and put in place legal documents. We ensure the transfer of assets to your beneficiaries as you intended.

Conflicts after the death of a family member are too common when proper advanced planning has not occurred. We help you and your family avoid these situations and prepare for any unexpected event. Our lawyers are also qualified in various practices such as family law, real estate, business law and more.

Why Is It Important to Have a Will?

Whether you are drafting your will for the first time, making changes as your circumstances change or taking precautions to account for periods of diminished capacity, the will and estate planning lawyers at Schnell Hardy Jones LLP have the knowledge and experience to make this process easier. The law in respect of wills and estate planning in Alberta and abroad evolves and changes often so it is important to have a lawyer in your corner to make sure your wishes are followed.

An experienced lawyer can assist you with planning your will and estate distribution. The benefits are:

• They adhere to legal requirements.
• They offer valuable legal advice.
• They have a thorough understanding of provincial and federal laws.
• They have expertise in drafting complicated documents.
• Under their supervision, the documents are considered valid.
• They guide you through the tax imposed on estates.

Are you looking for a wills and estates lawyer in Red Deer to set up a trust? These legal relationships need to be structured appropriately to avoid tax pitfalls while taking advantage of any tax benefits. Do you need to speak with a wills and estates lawyer in Red Deer regarding a Power of Attorney? We will ensure your exact wishes are carried out appropriately.

Serving clients throughout Central Alberta, we have the knowledge and experience to make this process easier.

We understand that your legacy and your family’s financial security are important to you. We have a wills and estates lawyer in Red Deer who will take the necessary steps to protect your family’s future. Give us a call to find out how we can help.

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